John8-32 Snowball2.

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A little bit about myself:

In my private life, I am a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, neighbor, daughter, knitter, weaver, cook etc, etc.

In my public life, I am a minister, speaker, counselor, teacher and a writer/blogger.

Just like you, I could give myself other titles as well. I, like you, wear many hats in the course of each day . . . but, “who” really am I? A Christ Follower!!

I am a Christ Follower before I am anything else!! That is how you should know me.
“Whose” am I? I am His, I belong to the GREAT I AM. I am entirely in love with my Heavenly Husband, Jesus. I am first and foremost a daughter to my Heavenly Father, and His precious Holy Spirit agreed to dwell in my humble earthly body! You should know me as one in whom Holy Spirit dwells! I am His now and forever.

Among the titles I carry, I must admit my absolute favorite is “Grammy.” (Sorry husband, sorry kids)! Being Grammy to three of the World’s most awesome boys is my most precious honor. I am truly blessed! You will hear about them from time to time.

My favorite thing to do is to “Teach.” I love to teach the Word. Whether in class, before a large group, or just one on one in a counseling session! Whether it is a lesson to a grandchild in a car on the way to baseball, or a question from a friend or my son or daughter, whatever the setting I find myself giving a lesson. Sometimes it is a tiny life lesson, other times a longer one. In all the lessons I like to use parables old and new, and to inject humor every now and then. Life is much easier when you smile!

The Word says we are to be ready “in season and out of season” to give a defense for our faith. I guess I live that. After more than three decades in Ministry, I had better be prepared, right?!

So, join me in this new venture, come along for the ride and we will have fun. Leave a comment, make it edifying to others, and it will be appreciated by all. While I may not be able to respond to all of you, you can rest assured that I will read all your comments. My confidence is that God will use your messages to reach those searching for Him wherever they be, on any side of the Globe.

You can leave me a comment on my Blog or send an email at

I do not write with a Western frame of mind, but rather simply the Bible frame of mind. The God of the Bible transcends all barriers and Nationalities. His desire is to call out to those who are hungry, and thirsty for the Truth. I simply come as His messenger.

Rev. Sudha Mehta

PS: So, if you feel led to help, no amount is too small. It helps spread the  Word.

PPS: Remember, you always have the choice of disagreeing, ignoring or just moving on. Additionally, I encourage you to check the accuracy of what I say with a Bible. Humbly stated, my role is not to debate what any other source says on any other Religion/ Political system/Tradition/ or just what the newest code of Political correctness/Tolerance is; rather it is simply to share with you what the Bible says. So, please assess me only with the Bible, since that is the only standard I adhere to and know.

You can leave me a comment on my Blog or send an email at