Holy Trinity Seminary . . . Part III

Informed Faith!

Rev. Sudha Mehta©

jesus-calls-the-twelve-apostles Photo from LDS.org.jpg

Jesus-calls-the-twelve-apostles Photo from LDS.org

Let us pick up where we left of in the last post: Holy Trinity Seminary . . . Part II

The disciples were now set to leave. These are the final instructions they received:

Matthew 10: 11 And into whatever city or town ye shall enter, search out with diligence who in it is worthy; and there abide until ye go from there.

jesus-and-disciples Photo from craigmotor.wordpress.jpg

Jesus-and-disciples Photo from craigmotor.wordpress

They now had His Authority conferred upon them. They knew they were to “Say and do” as they had seen Him “Say and do.”

Yeshua/Jesus said that in every town they were to do their due diligence to find a home that was worthy of them to stay in.

Think about this for a moment! Selah!!

They were now “Vessels” carrying “Precious Cargo.” They came bearing “Priceless Treasure.” Salvation, deliverance, healing . . . even death no longer held sway! They came in Jesus stead as His ambassadors with the same power!

Off course the home had to be worthy!!

They would be staying there until it was time to move to the next town. This home would become “Headquarters” for the duration of their stay. What would make a home worthy? Clean lodging, comfortable bed, clean linens, clean bathroom, good food? Not quite, they were to look for a home that was God fearing, a home where they were likely to find a welcome for the Treasure they came with!

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Photo from LDS.org

How were they to find the right home? Peoples reputations precede them in any neighborhood! In the community, those who do evil get known for that, and those who walk righteously have a reputation that is admired and are well spoken of.

Matthew 10: 12 And entering into the house, salute it. 13 And if the house is worthy, your peace shall come upon it; but if it is not worthy, your peace shall return to you.

Jesus was speaking of spiritual forces at this point. The disciples were about to embark on a journey that had massive spiritual implications. Remember, Satan knew who Jesus was as did all the demons. They got very agitated when He came around. The disciples had seen this time and again. They had seen demons come out wailing, and they had seen them beg not to be removed. They also saw the demoniac be freed of a legion of demons, who then infested a herd of two thousand pigs which chose to drown rather than live with the demons inside. Remember, the people of that region asked Jesus and His disciples to leave! No welcome there!!

This kind of power is not always welcome! Now Jesus was sending out twelve that He had taught to be like Him in the region. They were still in training but they carried massive authority.

The demons in any town would know their time was short. “Cast out demons!” He said. “Heal the sick!” He said. “Raise the dead!” He said! Any demon of hell would at this point be shuddering.

Even after due diligence to find the right house, if they found themselves misinformed, there was a sure test. If it was a righteous house, a house of peace, then the blessing of peace spoken upon it would rest. If they were not well received, the stay would be cut. In any case, fear or agitation wouldn’t be necessary, for the peace returned to the sender.

Matthew 10: 14 And whosoever shall not receive you nor hear your words, depart out of that house or city and shake off the dust of your feet.

The disciples not only got to take their own peace with them, the peace they sent out also  returned to them. I find this very interesting! Jesus said: “Shake off the dust of your feet,” thereby declaring they would not take anything from that home/city. The disciples were hoping for hospitality . . . a welcome, a gratefulness for the message they carried. Not finding it, they were to  leave taking nothing, but the peace blessing. I believe if there had been any semblance of peace at that house or city before, it would now be gone. Notice what happens:

Matthew 10: 15 Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of those of Sodom and those of Gomorrah in the day of judgment than for that city.

In the supernatural world that house/that city, and the people who lived there got marked for judgment! Amazing power!! Do you see?! How did Sodom and Gomorrah get judged?? There was no salvation for them once they rejected God. Fire and Brimstone rained down! Jesus said it would be worse for the house/city that rejected the message brought by the disciples than even Sodom and Gomorrah!

Now I know the Bible doesn’t tell of any town getting a massive shower of Fire and Brimstone during their trip. In fact the disciples came back praising God and marveling at the experience they had. So, chances are they did find good homes and were hugely successful in their mission.

Besides, in the mercy of God, I have seen Judgment tabled for the future many a time. Just because judgment does not come upon the wicked instantly only reveals His mercy for He is the God of many chances. I can assure you though that judgment does come, and it always begins with the house of God.

BIble-Martha-Magdalene-Disciples Photo from circleofhope.net.jpg

BIble-Martha-Magdalene-Disciples Photo from circleofhope.net

Matthew 10: 16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; be ye therefore prudent as serpents and innocent as doves.(JB2000)

Consider this fair warning then and now. They were being called to go among people that would be hostile to the message.


Historically: Tradition Trumps Truth!

People are always comfortable in the familiar. Tradition is familiar. Whether true or untrue, based on fact or not, Tradition Wins! Over time it may finally capitulate to Truth but never without a huge fight.

Ask any person who has grown up in any church, or family or anywhere else for that matter. “We have always done it this way!” is what you will hear. No logic, no new information, no scientific breakthrough, no archaeological dig will make them change from: “We have always done it this way!”

This is why Jesus and the disciples had so much trouble. He was bucking the system and asking them to do the same. Here is the clincher: He, Jesus, was not presenting them with a New System. He, the Original Author of the System was CLARIFYING the meaning of what He said, for they had so trampled on and twisted the TRUTH HE HAD GIVEN, that by this time, it no longer resembled anything He said ever!

In my own life, it has been a journey learning these truths and an even greater journey teaching these truths to others.

The authority Jesus gave to them is the same authority He wants you to have as well. This knowledge is what I call “Informed Faith!” Informed, because it is not blind. I have been informed by His words that He desires me to have the same power, same authority that the disciples had. He has called me to go do the same as He sent them to. My mission field looks different, but the mission is the same. Set people free in the Name of Jesus. Set them free of the power of sin that holds them, so they can live a life worthy of the cross He endured.

Share the Gospel with them. If they are sick, pray over them, so they can be healed. If they are struggling with demons, take authority over those as well. These things are merely the evidence of His power that dwells in me. The power that dwells in me is NOT MINE, IT IS THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS! He gives the authority to command sickness to leave, and to send demons fleeing! These signs accompanying the message of the Kingdom of God are what demonstrate the reality and power of God even today!! (Mark 16:20)

You may have been taught that these things do not happen today, don’t believe it!

Hebrews 13: 8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday and today and for the ages.(JB2000)

You may ask if I have actually seen these things happen. I have not only seen them happen in churches many times, such experiences are commonplace in my ministry . . .  and should be for everyone.

He doesn’t change. His love, His mercy, His grace, His glory, His kindness, His power, His mission remains the same. He wanted man to walk with Him in Genesis, and He still wants this to be your Genesis, your Beginning.

This message, this training was for the disciples, and it is for you and me. You just have to believe as they did. This is “Informed Faith!” This information is what empowers me to walk by faith and move with confidence in my daily walk. I also realize that once I have information, I can no longer plead ignorance. I will answer for what I do with it.

This is the information you need. Perhaps you are finding much of this out for the first time, if you are, you too can no longer plead ignorance! What you do with this information, believe, walk in and by faith or not is up to you. Either way, He will take account. The time is coming!


Photo from davaocatholicherald.com

When He does, what will you say?!

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