Thank You! Thank You!!

Rev. Sudha Mehta©

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Dear friends
I have a wonderful problem!

By now so many of you are liking my posts that I am unable to send you individual invitations via Facebook to like/follow my posts. I simply can’t keep up!! 


So, please, please when you push the like/follow button, make sure you are pushing the one that is to the Site, not just the one post.

The best thing would be to leave your email on my website in the Follow window.

Less these two options you may miss out on my future posts, and that would make me sad and perhaps you as well.

So consider this my invitation to all of you. I will add this repeatedly on my website so you will be reminded.

I thank you all so much. You encourage me as I encourage you 😁

God’s richest blessings be yours this year and this decade!

Sudha Mehta

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