Aftermath . . . Part II

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Sudden and Silent. . . ?!

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Rapture from waywordsparkles

I had heard and long taught that the Rapture (Catching away, Snatching away) of believers was a Sudden and Silent affair. Even the trailer I posted in my last post demonstrates that. It wasn’t until I started writing my last post that the Lord revealed it would be Sudden, but NOT Silent!

I hesitated writing that . . . really . . . I did!

I work to be accurate, and this was totally a surprise to me! The lateness of the hour said “do it, push the button to post!” The desire to be accurate said “Be sure!”

To the Lord I said: “Can I prove this?”

He assured me I could. So I pressed the button, and there you have it! My declaration: The Rapture will be Sudden just as it says in the Bible. It will not be Silent . . . the whole World will hear and know it in the moment, and here is the proof of it all:

Remember our God has set the patterns into being and He will work according to pattern. Examples of patterning are set in Genesis 1 when all things were set to produce after their own kind.  Chickens produce chickens, deer produce deer. Apple trees produce apples, Pear trees produce pears, dahlias produce dahlias, dandelions produce dandelions. Even tuna in the sea produces tuna, while dolphins produce dolphins. That is why God made Eve to be with Adam, so humans would produce humans.

Patterns were set in the sky: Sunrise and sunset. Likewise the waxing and waning moon. Clouds do not change the patterns set by God.

The Earth and the planets orbit around the Sun is another example of patterns.

What goes up must come down is the pattern of gravity.

You get the idea.

Snapping your fingers is supposed to make a sound, clapping your hands is supposed to make a noise. God made our ears to make us hear sound. We can hear a voice, or thunder, a rushing wind, laughter etc, etc. 

When God created the heavens and the earth in Genesis 1, there was no one to record the sound for posterity, but such movement of the earth and heavens and water could not be soundless. Creation had to be noisy!


Genesis 7: The flood had to be a very noisy event. The movies made in Hollywood show much in terms of sound effects generated by such energy, whether it was the flood or the parting of the sea. Sometimes even Hollywood gets it right, although in terms of scale even they can’t produce enough no matter how they try.

noah's ark 1 photo from

The flood from

Exodus: 14 gives the account of parting of the Red Sea while Pharoah’s army was in pursuit. Read it and make your own conclusion, would this whole event of the parting itself have been silent??  Nobody in the natural would have expected the Sea to part making a pathway for a whole nation of millions (yes, their were at least three million including women and children, and the elderly) to pass with their belongings and their animals. The parting of the Sea was a sudden and unexpected event, but to say there was no noise, would be utterly naive! The wind that parted the waves and caused them to stand would in my opinion have been the very Breath of God and I am sure everyone heard that Breath, for it was The Holy Spirit!

Red Sea parting 1 from

Red Sea parts from Youtube

Exodus 19: 16 So it happened on the third day, when it was morning, that there were thunder and flashes of lightning, and a thick cloud was on the mountain, and a very loud blast was sounded on a ram’s horn, so that all the people who were in the camp trembled. 17 Then Moses brought the people out of the camp to meet God, and they stood and presented themselves at the foot of the mountain. (AMP)

God appears on mount sinai from jewelsofjudaism

God appears on mount sinai from jewelsofjudaism

The sound was so loud the people could not stand it. They were utterly terrified.

Exodus 20: 18 Now all the people witnessed the thunder and the flashes of lightning and the sound of the trumpet and the smoking mountain; and as they looked, the people were afraid, and they trembled [and moved backward] and stood at a [safe] distance. 19 Then they said to Moses, “You speak to us and we will listen, but do not let God speak to us or we will die.”(AMP)

People did not expect such dread evoking sight or sound!

When Elijah was taken up: There was a whirlwind, a heavenly chariot of fire drawn by heavenly horses of fire. Who says there was no sound?! It was sudden, but there had to be a sudden sound as well!

2 Kings 2: 11 And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven. 12 And Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof. (KJV)

elijah taken to heaven residentkingdom

elijah taken to heaven residentkingdom

When Jesus breathed His last, there was an earthquake! Sudden, unexpected, it was enough to part the temple veil which was thirty feet high and several inches thick to tear from the top to bottom, not bottom to top signifying God Himself ripped it open.

The graves were opened and many dead were raised after Jesus rose . . . no sound??

Matthew 27:  52 The tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints (God’s people) who had fallen asleep [in death] were raised [to life]; 53 and coming out of the tombs after His resurrection, they entered the holy city (Jerusalem) and appeared to many people.(AMP)

When Jesus rose from the dead there was an earthquake so that the stone rolled and the soldiers were as dead men. The seal was not broken from the outside by them. An earthquake, even a local one, just enough to raise ONE man from the dead and roll away the stone from a grave, does it make no sound? Besides, the Word says there were other graves that were opened as well, that gave witness to the resurrection power of God.

Matthew 28: 1 Now after the Sabbath, near dawn of the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb. 2 And a great earthquake had occurred, for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and came and rolled away the stone [from the opening of the tomb], and sat on it. 3 The angel’s appearance was like lightning, and his clothes were as white as snow. 4 The guards shook, paralyzed with fear [at the sight] of him and became like dead men [pale and immobile]. (AMP)

When the Holy spirit arrived on the day of pentecost, the rushing wind made a loud enough noise that everyone heard.  (Acts 2:1-2) When He rested on the disciples in the upper room He caused them to speak in tongues they never knew . The city of Jerusalem was packed full with a million plus people there for a Moed (appointment) with God,  People heard the commotion. Jews from many nations heard the gospel presented by Galileans not in the Galilean dialect, rather in their own spoken languages. 3000 were added to the church that day and baptized at the temple. It was unexpected, and anything but quiet that day.

So, my friends the point I make  is that there is no reason to expect that when something big as the Rapture happens, that there will be no sound.

The voice of Jesus itself and the sound of the shofar are likely one at the same. How loud will it be for Christians all around the World including dead believers in the ground, and the sea to hear, and rise?

Rapture 1

The energy generated will surpass anything I can imagine. This energy has to have impact that will cause earthquakes, and tsunamis.

The heavens have to part to let the people out just like the Red Sea had to part to make a path. Satan is called the prince of the power of the air, the air has waves, these waves must part much like the ocean to clear the way.

The atmosphere has the ability to part like a scroll. So, it will have to make a path for us.

Revelation 6: 14 The sky was split [separated from the land] and rolled up like a scroll, and every mountain and island were dislodged and moved out of their places. (AMP)

Isaiah 34: 4 says the same in the Old Testament.

When we return with Jesus at the end of Tribulation, it will be a very noisy affair, but so will our departure. It simply must be, the rules God set in place for Nature call for it. The World will know, there will be great distress.

This event will not go unnoticed no matter where you live. In regions largely untouched by Christianity that sound and movement may not be as much but they will still know and feel it. Thanks to TV and Internet, all will know it, but regions that have been heavily influenced by Christianity in history will know the most.

This will bring enough terror for Nations and Governments, but my friends you know the saying, “never let a crisis go to waste.” Evil doers will not turn to God, but only to more evil devices.

rapture shofar from youtube

Jesus calling His people out from Youtube

Here is the SHOUT of God, whose voice alone was strong enough to call into existance the World. He is the Only One with the power to transform nothing into something. This voice is powerful enough to open up the Earth’s atmosphere (which He created), and able to command the Earth and the Seas to give up the dead. His voice alone is sufficient to raise up the remains of the dead in the ground and the sea and in an instant gather them from the dust to raise them as immortal bodies to be united with their spirits already present with Him. These bodies will never die again, nor suffer harm, they will be free of imperfections, and be like His own body.

Will the unbeliever know what is said? . . . probably not! They will think of it as some bizarre sound . . . thunder louder than they have heard. They will see it’s effect all around.

You may ask “What language will it be in? Good question! It will be in the language/dialect you know, the language you grew up speaking. 

If on Pentecost He spoke the Gospel in many languages through the disciples why should this be difficult? The Holy Spirit knows each language in the World. One message was translated to the many in their native tongue. This was the sign that brought three thousand to their knees in repentence and they were baptized.

Why would the shout of Jesus saying “COME UP HERE!” be any different? He will shout . . . and we the believers will all understand. In that very instant, we will be “beamed up.” This will be entirely His doing, the call and then the gathering of His people . . . He alone will accomplish it.

But in the aftermath, the people left behind will be in great distress . . . followed by seven years of Tribulation where the Earth will reel and Billions will die! Your choice will determine which group you will be with!

Stay tuned!

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