A Savior is born

Rev. Sudha Mehta

Jesus second coming from theheavenandhell.net

photo from heavenandhell.net

This Christmas Peter and I send greetings and best wishes in the Lord to you and your family. What joy it is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and to know how much He loves us. 2000 yrs ago He chose to come as a helpless Babe in a humble manger this night that we celebrate as the start of a journey that ended on the cruel cross. He paid for our Salvation leaving the invitation open to “whosoever believes!” His name Yeshua means Salvation!! May you and yours truly believe and have Salvation flood your home this day and forever.


Please open the link for our Christmas card.

May Hope live in your hearts even when things are difficult and may you remember that though He came as a little Babe the first time, He will come as a conquering King the second time. We are called to live our lives in anticipation of His second coming. Be ready my friends, for we will see Him soon! May I direct you to my series on the Prophetic and Aftermath so that you will have all the information you need for hope in the dark times. Now may the Lord Jesus keep you and watch over you everyday!

It is our delight to send our blessings.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!!

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