How Daddy Met Christ


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Give me your fear and I’ll give you my hand
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In these last days we are hearing more and more that the Lord is appearing or speaking to people in unusual ways to reveal Himself. People who have not known him are meeting Him through dreams and visions in lands where the Word is scarce.

Isaiah 9:2 The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, on them has the light shined.(AKJ)

That includes my own father. Let me tell you about his story.

In the throes of Parkinson’s disease daddy had very few lucid moments when I visited India several years ago. Some days the medicine worked and some days it didn’t. He said he felt like he watched life from inside a prison when his body didn’t cooperate. Before noon on most days he was unable to communicate much and it was hard to watch him struggle. I felt sorrow for both mom and dad, especially since mom who insisted on taking care of him.

Each evening for the three weeks that I was there he expressed a desire to go to church, which in itself was a curious thing because he was still a practicing Hindu. As his medicine started to work everyday he still faithfully prayed to his gods.

“We must go to church tomorrow.” he would say, “let’s leave at nine.” Every morning while he waited for the medicine to take affect, church was not on his mind. Church was an hour away, and not easy to get to, but I didn’t think of that much for I felt these were the musings and ramblings of “Parkinson’s.” Sometime in the afternoon he would remember and say,”Oh no, we didn’t make it.” He would be sad for a bit and then we repeated the  cycle.

So towards the end of my stay one evening he seemed a bit more lucid, I asked, “Daddy, why do you keep asking to go to church?” He replied,”I have to go there to make confession.” It caught me by surprise. I asked more. “I have to go confess something I did  to Jesus, and ask His forgiveness.”

Sweet words! “Daddy, you don’t have to go to church to confess, you can do that right here, by yourself.” Now he was really surprised. “I can?”

“Yes. daddy, and no one needs to hear it, no priest or pastor. Jesus himself will hear you if you speak to him.” He smiled wide. No more was said. The little window of lucidity seemed to close down.

I left India somewhat dejected for I felt I still hadn’t reached him. On the plane I prayed “Lord, I don’t know if I will have another opportunity to speak to him. He can’t even answer the phone anymore.” Aside from Parkinson’s disease his hearing was terrible and he didn’t like the hearing aid.

I continued my plea with Jesus, “I wholly believe You can reach him. Your Spirit to his spirit. I know You can do it. Please let me have confirmation of his salvation.”

Three weeks went by and I got back to my routine in the US. I felt prompted to call home. The phone rang on the other end, and to my surprise, daddy answered. Expecting another frustrating conversation, I spoke as loudly as I could and asked for mom. By now he was not “allowed” to answer the phone, mom handled all that. Yet, it was daddy!

He admonished me for speaking so loudly since he could hear “just fine” before telling me “she went to the market to get something.”

Then he continued, “I am so glad you called, I prayed you would, so I can share exciting news with you. You have to hear this. Today is Sai Baba’s birthday, I really wanted a visitation from him. So in the morning I asked mom to make her special halva for breakfast so we can celebrate, and then I went to prayer.”

I din’t want to hear more of Sai baba from daddy. Sai Baba was a contemporary man younger than daddy living in the south of India, worshiped as god by millions of people. My parents had become his followers.

Daddy continued on “So, while in prayer I earnestly desired that he would give me a visitation, but he didn’t come.” He paused. “Praise God for that ” I thought.

“Guess who came” said daddy. “who” I asked.


Photo By Nicole Wilder of Project Inspired

“Why, Jesus! Jesus came!! I spoke to him, and I told him I wanted to be His son and to go home with Him. I said I wanted to have my last supper with him and live in heaven.” I wept tears of joy.

Then he added, “Jesus placed His hand on my head and said ‘Tathastu’ (Amen).

I had all I needed. God had done the work Spirit to spirit!

The last time I saw daddy was after mom had died. Both mom and dad lived out their last days at my sister’s home who provided wonderful care for both. No meaningful conversation was had during this visit. He did know me, but his memory was very unreliable. In his mind the paper he read every morning was from 1948 and India was going through the partition.

I asked the Lord again for a sign though it was entirely unnecessary. In His mercy he obliged again. My sister brought me the Bible I had gifted daddy years prior. I flipped the front cover and saw a hand written letter from daddy to Jesus.

Remember the confession he wanted to make years before? It was recorded in the front cover of the Bible. He confessed, asked forgiveness, asked to be born again and to be in heaven, and then his hand just trailed off. My heart was full . . .

John 1:12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: (AKJ)

This man whom I was blessed to call daddy would be in heaven (and so would mommy).

Best part, the confession was of something so “little” that I was once again left in awe of a man I still call the Indian Cornelius who lived a righteous life and remained on a quest to find God among the gods, and did!

I hope you will also.

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  1. Lucena Heivly says:

    Wow! The power of prayer.


  2. Yes it is! He remains faithful!


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