A Brief Message . . . 4

Rev. Sudha Mehta©

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When I posted my first article on June 6, 2018, just last year, I had no idea how many people would find it. Just one little me, in this vast ocean of humanity on this globe. I felt so tiny!

All I could hope for was that someone, somewhere would see it, and be encouraged. I prayed “Lord, take this upon prayer-wings and get it to someone who needs it.”

In that month 300 people found me on the internet. When the first person from half way across the World saw my post, I rejoiced, leaped and prayed, “Oh Lord, send hope on prayer-wings.”

Now, yet a week to go before the full 365 days of a year are past the first post, you, my favorite people, from most of the countries of the world, have viewed my blog more than 430,000 times! Out of the 195 Countries in the world, I see that from 1 to thousands from 179 countries have viewed my blog.

To express my gratitude adequately is a monumental task, yet with all humility, I say “Thank you!” from all my heart in all 179 Countries and all the languages you speak. Next month, I hope to reach all the rest. Pray with me and for my effort to be successful if you would.

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The advertisement will change again on the first of June and some of you will not see my Ad again for a while. I hope you “sign up” to “follow” me as many have on my Blog so that every time I write you get a notice. If you choose not to do so, you can still find me on Facebook/Twitter/WordPress/Google at https://onewaystudies.com/

I will return in a bit of time as I cycle around again, but I really hope you will join me in this journey.

God bless you all, all the time!



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