A Brief Message . . . 2

Rev. Sudha Mehta©

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Dear friends, I am writing this with mixed emotions, but feel the need to give you a heads up.

When I first started the blog last April, I did so not knowing that even one person would ever see it. To be truthful, I did not first write a post until the beginning of June. I did it by faith as I believe God called me to do. This January is when I first took the step to advertise to reach the world.

To my great amazement I have had a tremendous response. My blog has now crossed well over 150,000 views. That is great news! But . . . due to limited finances, I will be taking the advertising to different places each month. You should know, this is simply a family venture. Thus far, we have not had any funding help from outside my family. As such, I will be using the advertising dollars wisely with God’s help, but will have to move around.

If you are interested in continuing with me in this journey, I am urging you to sign up to follow. When you do so, even when I am no longer advertising in your area, you will get a notice every time I post . . . and yes, please continue to share the posts, it helps tremendously.

Just so you know, I will return to your area again, and Lord willing it will be soon, but the beginning of every month I must make a change as directed by the Lord.

Remain faithful and be encouraged. May the Lord be with you always.

In Christ’s love.


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