Faith . . . or Fear! Part III

To Mask, or Not to Mask?!

Rev. Sudha Mehta©

health workers wearing face mask
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Todays post is on the lighter side . . . I hope you can smile in the midst of trouble all around. God does have all things in His control.

Romans 13: 1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which is from God. The authorities that exist have been appointed by God. 2 Consequently, the one who resists authority is opposing what God has set in place, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.(BSB)

Believing God and following instruction from the rulers does not have to run contrary to God’s will.

While I have faith that God’s protection is mine, this faith does not free me from following common sense rules, or obeying the authorities.

I can trust God to keep me safe totally, to hide me away, and keep me in His shelter while the storm rages about. In fact He says so in:

Isaiah 26: 20 Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourselves a little while until the wrath has passed.(BSB)

Wow . . . a Stay-at-Home order from the Most High, while wrath flows! Notice it is given to His people.

It also says:

Proverbs 18: 10 The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.(BSB)

When trouble is about, I should have the common sense to run into the strong tower, not stay outside where ir is unsafe. His promise to keep me safe is contingent upon my obedience. He gave a promise, and He gave common sense. He keeps His word, and requires me to honor His Word by being obedient. I am also to honor the Authority He has set over me.

In keeping with that, I trust my God to keep me safe from the Coronavirus, and I will listen and stay home for now. I find it frustrating that I cannot see my friends and get/give hugs, but I am being patient. As soon as we are able, we will gather for dinner at a restuarant. We will need to eat out for a change.

plate of food next to glass of red wine
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My biggest problem? . . . I hate the thought of wearing a mask. Up until yesterday we had not been required to. It was recommended but not required. That has now changed.

Now that makes me feel more uncomfortable than I have been uptill now. My confidence in Christ says, I have no need for a mask, but the Ruling Authorities say I must.

My well placed trust in Christ says I am not going to catch this virus, for I am protected by the blood of Christ, shed for me on the cross. I stand in that. IF I were to catch it, I will not die.

However the rule starting tomorrow morning even at the grocery shop is: “No mask/ No entry!”


They are saying don’t touch your face, but I am a face toucher! I touch my own face most often to straighten my glasses. they invariably slip on my nose. My eyes itch when the air is dry or their are allergens in the air. So, I find myself touching my eyes with my glasses on.  I itch, so I must.

The season is now SPRING! I know I am not alone with a drippy nose and watery eyes due to allergens in the air. It is allergy season, which means people will need to blow their noses, clear their throats, cough a little, and have puffy eyes. Common allegy symptoms every spring, NOT COVID-19.

This year everyone is scared. At the checkout in the store just the other day I found that the new rule is that the entire checkout area must be sprayed and wiped after every customer, before letting the next customer through. Now I already had to use a tissue to wipe my nose due to allergens, but the spray the cashier used was enough to make me sneeze, and then I had to blow my nose even more. The look on the cashiers face was one of terror! I had no choice but to address it. She looked like she was sore afraid, so I tried to assure her I was not sick with Covid-19. I don’t know if she believed me . . .

I tried to wear a mask at home to get used to the idea. It was no fun! My warm breath just reflected back at my own skin giving me a hot-flash in less than thirty seconds. It was too tight around my face. When I loosened it a bit, the steam from my breath fogged up my glasses. every adjustment meant more touches to the face.

So, I am trying to make myself feel better by thinking of the positive . . .

1 I no longer have to wear lipstick when I go to the store!

2 Actually, if I don’t feel like brushing my teeth, it still is okay . . . nobody cares.

3 I don’t have to smile, though I will, I can’t help that!

4 My friend who has dentures doesn’t have to worry about wearing them when she steps out 😂😂😂.

5 If I go in my sweats or pajamas, and see someone I know, I can rest easy . . . they probably won’t even recognise me. Even better, they can feel just as relaxed, for I won’t recognize them also.

Now there are already protests in many cities as I expected. People want to be free to live their lives, and go to work. I find myself thinking about how the government has rules for protesting. Just a few weeks ago, when there were some violent protesters rioting wearing black masks, the police could not identify them because of their masks. Everyone was very upset. All kinds of surveilance cameras around but noone was identified for the thugs had masks. So, the authorities made a rule, you can protest, but it must be peaceful, and . . . NO MASKS!

Now, the only ones in trouble are those NOT wearing masks.

Bank robbers have always worn masks . . . now I can’t go to a bank teller without a mask.

Even little children have to wear masks.

How long will this go on? How do you sit in a restuarant and eat with a mask on?

How do you buy a drink, even just a Coke and drink with a mask on?

Now, even bride and groom have to be okay to get married with a mask.

Photos from Pexel

In some countries people are used to wearing a veil which in essence functions like a cloth mask. Even today, women in many parts of India, don’t step out without covering their faces. A veil is considered proper and modest. The same goes in many middle eastern countries. It is often for religious reasons, but sometimes for cultural.

Photo collage from Google.

Sometimes it is just for protection from the elements and men cover their faces as well. Living in sandy desert regions, it becomes necessary at times.

Photos from Google

I suspect even Jesus and His disciples covered their faces during a sandstorm.

jesus disciples Free-Bible-ImagesPhoto from Free bible images

We, in the West, thought it oppressive to have no choice in the matter of a veil. . Now, men, women and children must cover their faces. Today on a talk show they said it was proper to shame someone not wearing a mask. . . . Whaaaaat?!  Imagine that!! What was culturally and politically unacceptable just a few weeks ago, it suddenly welcome and indeed enforcable even by law.

Photos from Pexel

My daughter has a very large dog named Lola. When it comes time for a visit with the veterinarian, Dr. Costello, Lola can have an attitude. Dr. Costello requires Lola to have a muzzle on when he examines her. It is just precautionary . . . just in case Lola disagrees with the doctor’s verdict, or feels like rewarding his probing touches with a chomp on his nose. To be honest, she hates the muzzle, I think she feels like she is being punished. I have always felt sorry for her when she has to get it on. Now, I think Lola wonders why her human family has to be muzzled. Why are her humans being punished! She might even be enjoying this . . .

Suddenly there aren’t enough masks for everyone in the country. My friend Sylvia has a team of ladies who have seen this as a unique ministry opportunity, so they are making cloth masks for all that need. In heaven there will be a great reward for this work. They have spent hours upon hours making these masks. By now they have supplied more than 2000 to nursing homes, people at churches, and have orders from near and far. If you are interested, you can find tutorials on how to sew your own mask on YouTube. Sylvia is making me some masks for me and my family. She is a wonderful friend to me.

Covid masks construction photo from Sylvia

People are getting creative. Some for fun and others out of fear.

Photos from Google

Me . . . I think if this goes on long, and if I can get used to it, my stance will shift toward fashion. I can’t wear something that clashes with my outfit. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize they say. Well, masks were not supposed to be part of the “Look!” I will have to have masks to match and to coordinate with my entire wardrobe. Sigh!! What a task!!!! . . . Sylviaaaaaaa, help!!!!! I think I may even want some exotic looking ones. These come in different colors.

face mask photo from Amazon

Or maybe I will learn to use a scarf like these beautiful women!

Photos from Google

I am working on wearing a mask in public and to honor the authorites. I know Jesus would expect that of me. I am not afraid, but I will do it for the sake of Righteousness:

1 Peter 3: 14 But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. “Do not fear what they fear; do not be shaken.” 15But in your hearts sanctify Christ as Lord. (BSB)

Many of you may already be finding it very difficult to stay in and do what is required. Don’t do anything out of fear, do it for Jesus would expect you to do what is right.

So, while we all wait for this plague to be brought under control, let us work on bringing ourselves under control as well . . . right?! Let us honor God, and our fellow man!! Hopefully, this way we gain favor with God and man . . . Just as Jesus did. (Luke 2:52) 

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