A Grateful Note

I make an exception today by sharing this Note. My daughter wrote this for herself and her brother (my son). Humbly I Note the blessings that have come through many trials for my children and myself resulting in this. It makes my point: God is forever faithful! Be grateful, and trusting!!

I’m grateful today for you showing me the truth, otherwise I’d be lost as would Aashish and our kids.  Not just the truth of salvation.  The truth that we are not slaves to fear, we have discernment, we have wisdom, we have healing, and we have grounds to stand knowing God is faithful.  We serve a God of miracles.  And those happen every day.  A gracious and good Father hears and He delivers.  There is and won’t be EVER death, illness, decline, emotional or mental instability, poverty or lacking, nor any type of destruction to our lives, family and relationships, land, homes, animals, nor anything we’ve been blessed with.  We know angels guard us, we know our words will acknowledge and praise one living God, and the enemy has no foothold in anything we do or will do.  Grateful you taught me to believe like this.  If not, we’d be lost, mourning, and fearful in the world we live in.  I have no fear of covid nor the enemy.  How many miracles have we seen? Too many to count. How blessed are we? Beyond measure. Who is our God? The one true almighty defender God and no one can stand against Him.   In Jesus Name, Amen.

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