A Brief Message

photo of woman using her laptop
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

Sudha Mehta©

Dear Friends, I want to thank you for responding so well to my blog. The response around the world has been so great, I am wonderfully blessed. It only confirms my call to keep on writing. I do however, have a dilemma. Some of you are leaving comments in your own native languages, the translations of which are not clear to me. So I am unable to acknowledge at times. Please note that I do see them and be encouraged that God sees and knows your heart. If the message I write helps you, know that He had me write it for you. It blesses and encourages me when I see a simple “Amen” which I do understand. I love that many of you are sharing this with others. Please keep sending the “Amens” and know that as you share, you help send the Word to others around the World. Be encouraged in your faith and know that Jesus is as near as a whisper to any that would call on Him. Blessings to you all!


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